Who is

Factory Direct Mattress & Sofa Outlet?

Do you know the secret word for incredible savings on mattresses and sofas in Lancaster?

Think of this word like that of a 1930’s speakeasy – it means something and says what the place is about.

Are you still thinking….

The secret word is FDMASO (eff-d-maso)

FDMASO stands for Factory Direct Mattress & Sofa Outlet and over the years this store has evolved into something very exciting and befitting of a secret password, like that of a club where membership is special and only those in the know get what’s going on.

You see, in 2014 Jeff & Ben co-owners of FDMASO set out to offer their world class mattress buying experience found at www.GardnersMattressAndMore.com to the east and southern side of Lancaster County. Turns out what they’ve been doing at their 830 Plaza Blvd Lancaster (Behind Park City Mall) location is so good that their customers from the south and east have continued to drive right on by their FDMASO location to their premier showroom on Plaza Blvd.

But no need for you to drive by FDMASO anymore! Because what if you found an unbeatable value that just can’t be beat when shopping for sofas, sofa sets, sectionals, recliners, and mattresses? Well, that is exactly what you will find at FDMASO!

But what is an unbeatable value that just can’t be beat? Any store can say they have great pricing, but how does that happen? We’ve learned that sourcing a mix of ever evolving mattresses and sofas that are cancellation loads, scratch and dent items, closeouts, and volume buys – all equal great furniture and mattresses at incredible prices for you!

Essentially every week you visit our store FDMASO you’ll find a fresh mix of high quality furniture and mattresses at discount prices, lower than our local furniture store competitors, lower than our big chain store mattress competitors and even lower than Costco! Yes, THAT Costco!

When we tested this concept back in the fall of 2018 our customers couldn’t believe the values we offered, some even left our store to visit Costco then came back and saved thousands on the same exact sofa set! Our local competitors even stopped in to question just how exactly we were selling top quality name brand furniture at the prices we were.

Listen if you’re looking for the freshest fashion, hottest trending item – we likely won’t have it, at least not yet. BUT if you’re looking for top quality, name brand furniture and mattresses at prices that have our competition shaking their heads at – you simply must shop for your new sofa or mattress at FDMASO!

Sleep well, and sit well too! And remember the secret word for savings is…